Is someone you know engaging in potentially dangerous sexual behavior?

Is your addiction to SEX ruining your life?

Do you ever wonder whether your sexual behavior is NORMAL?

Do you ever wonder whether your sexual thoughts are abnormal?

Do you have an unusual sexual history?

Do you have a sexual fetish that other people think is odd?

Are you in a sexless marriage?

Is your porn or sex addiction affecting your love life?

Are you promiscuous and unable to fully commit?

Are you a virgin or a reborn virgin?

Documentary Series searching for individuals who would like to discuss and explore their sexual addictions and sex-related issues for new TV series.  Selected participants must be open to sharing their lives on cable television and must pass a background check.

Our top Sex and Relationship Specialist will meet with a select few individuals in videotaped sessions to get to the root of your problem.  He deals with matters of the heart, mind and body with understanding and care.

We are seeking all types of situations and orientations, and both couples and singles are encouraged to apply.  Please email us at  Be sure to include name, age, location, occupation, recent photos and a brief description of why you think you’d be perfect for this show.

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